Program – Equine Photography – Dana Wamsley

Enthusiastic about photography most of my life, it wasn’t until my competition horse got injured that I turned my passion into a professional venture. I began freelancing as an equestrian show photographer. Client demand as well as my personal interest in live-action photography turned this venture into an over 10 year enterprise. My desire to learn more and grow as a photographer led me to join local camera clubs. I began learning how to do deeper level editing in my free time in a more ‘fine art’ style.  I aimed at achieving a level of proficiency with Adobe Photoshop that would match my imagination and soon my fine art compositions took shape. During the pandemic I returned to equestrian and pet photography allowing me to further develop my signature style and thus help my clients capture unique, imaginative, meaningful moments in the form of framed fine art that will last a lifetime. 

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