In-Club Competitions

GRIPS holds in-club competitions and image clinics for evaluation and for education. These events give you feedback on your work, and help you to develop your photography. Competitions and critique nights are open to all members, and participation is encouraged! The 2017-2018 season will have 3 competitions. Ribbons are awarded during presentation of the results for each round. Points scored in each round are tallied at year end and trophies and medals are presented at the year-end awards ceremony.

In the 2011-12 club year, we introduced a new 3-level system for In-club competition. The objective is to provide an opportunity for all Members to compete with confidence by entering at a level suited to their experience.

New members, or those entering GRIPS in-club competition for the first time, may compete at the level best suited to their experience, using the 6 point system described below. All levels are open to all members. However, once a member has competed in level 2 or 3, they may not later compete at a lower level.

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