Workshops for 2021-2022

Jason Gennings

Insight to Judging

Nov 20, 2021

Guest presenter Jason Gennings will examine a selection of club images with in-depth analysis about the judging process. These hours are designed to deliver constructive insight into the images, and the mental process used by judges; Emphasis is on helpful improvement, not just criticism.

Tim Lofft

Lightroom Library

Mar 26, 2022

Do you have 1000’s of digital photos scattered all over? Trouble finding a specific photo you know you took in the past? Lightroom is a great place to organize your photo collection and we’ll get you started on that journey. Learn how to import, organize, label and collect your photos meaningfully. Learn what LR can and can’t do for you and things to consider as you organize your photo collection. And as an added bonus, learn the top mistakes that I made early on in organizing my photo collection and how you can ensure your digital photos are safely backed up.

Omar Sheikh


Apr 23, 2022

Sharpness seems to be the holy grail of photography resulting in either heaps of praise or loads of frustration. Little is known about sharpness beyond the basics and one culprit is always to blame: The Lens. Learn why the lens is only part of a much larger picture (pun intended) and how to control the process and even identify hardware problems on your quest to capture AND process the sharpest images possible. While there isn’t much computer work for this workshop, I will discuss some camera settings and general processing concepts as well as special tools to calibrate camera/lens combinations.

David Penty / Xin Qui

Study in Motion

May 28, 2022

This Workshop will walk the photographic artist through multiple methods of demonstrating motion and the techniques for capturing motion for display on a 2-dimensional medium. Whether the attendee is wishing to capture a child playing soccer, a high speed car passing by, or the motion of torrents of water splashing over rocks, the workshop will provide the opportunity to question, and practice the techniques available for best effect. Examples will be drawn from the experience of 2 advanced photographers who will discuss the impact of object size, lens choice, aperture, focus point, use of flash, panning, viewing location, timing, and shutter speed. Advice will be provided on which technique to use to capture motion but it really comes down to how you want to communicate movement, and how the elements of a good photo (composition, lighting, etc.) work in conjunction with your skillful handling of a given motion capture technique to create a successful photograph.

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