Welcome to GRIPS!

We are a club for photographers of all skill levels and we pride ourselves on being a “learning” club. We strive to increase the enjoyment our members receive from photography, whether it is simply their hobby, their passion, or their profession, and have a commitment to our members to help them along their own photographic journey.

We hold meetings twice per month, from September to June, at the Kitchener East Presbyterian Church. During our meetings, we welcome a wide range of professional and amateur guest speakers to share their knowledge and inspire our members.

GRIPS also offers a variety of workshops and activities for our membership, including outings (both indoor and outdoor), in-club competitions and friendly competitions with other local clubs. But most of all, while we gather together under the umbrella of photography and artistic expression and our focus is having lots of fun and fellowship.

Please join us at one of our regular meetings and check us out – we welcome all levels of experience. Or browse through our website and feel free to email us for more information. Check the Membership page for information on becoming a member of the club.

Silky Water | Adam Lauzon

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