GRIPS meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month between September and June, except on holiday weeks. We invite guest speakers to talk to our members about different photography related interests and topics. We try to provide a wide variety of speaker covering technical aspects of photography and post processing, talks about photographic journeys and inspiration.

Guests are welcome to attended meetings. For more information see our guest policy

TopicLocation, Date, and TimeDetails
Opening NightMonday, September 11, 2017
Philip Sun | Work The LightMonday, September 25, 2017
Doug Johnson | Photo EssaysMonday, October 23, 2017
Terry McDonald | Shaping Landscapes and Nature PhotographsMonday, November 13, 2017
Round 1 Competition ResultsMonday, November 27, 2017
Christmas SocialMonday, December 11, 2017
Jason Di Michele | Printing Your ImagesMonday, January 8, 2018
Tina Weltz | Portrait PhotographyMonday, January 22, 2018
Brian Thompson | PhotojournalismMonday, February 12, 2018
David Seldon | Wildlife PhotographyMonday, February 26, 2018
Juraj Dolanjski | MacroMonday, March 12, 2018Holy Macro: Instructional Lecture / Workshop: Let’s get closer into the world of macro including super-macro. Oh I do not have a macro lens, you say...let that not stop you. Reverse a lens, use 2 lenses? What is that? What equipment and creative alternatives are available to the photographer? Explore with him a creative world that many miss ever seeing.
Tom Vogel | ArchitectureMonday, March 26, 2018
Round 3 Competition ResultsMonday, April 23, 2018
Hilarie McNeil-Smith | 'HILARIZING' Creating Alterd RealityMonday, May 14, 2018
AGM and Jerry Soltys | Jerry's Adventures with the Little Yellow TentMonday, May 28, 2018
Season Closer and Year End Competitions ResultsMonday, June 11, 2018
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