Jonathan Sau

Competition Chair

I started photography back in the film days. Over the years, my photographic interests expand and evolve. Today a lot of my work is on natural and urban landscape, astrophotography, and floral and close-up. Photography has brought me to beautiful Ontario Parks, dark sky locations, rural farm countries and cities, in pursuit of the next captivating image. 

I joined GRIPS in 2015, and has been in the competition chair position since 2018. While the role says “competition”, the biggest value of competitions is not the ribbons and medals, but the opportunity to learn and improve through the constant feedback and constructive critiques the competition process provides. In 2022 GRIPS started an image critique group to offer more interactive and in-depth opportunities for image crfitique. Such feedback has been the single most important contribution to my own growth as a photographer, and I hope that will be the case for many of our members as well.