David Murray


I have filled the role of Treasurer since 2017. I am not an accountant but I have managed my consulting business accounts for the better part of twenty years. A club like ours can only survive with sufficient volunteers and I believe in giving back to support the club’s efforts (especially since the workload is not onerous).

I have been a club member for about 11 years. I have been active in photography off and on since I was a young lad. I originally picked up a Brownie camera and as time went on I developed some skills in the darkroom. During my college years I got myself a Nikon Single Reflex camera. I mostly do landscape photography and like most people I document my travels whenever possible.

It always depended on how much time life made available. My true passion is learning and that was the true motivator in joining the club. I love to learn.

I am not an equipment geek. I only have equipment that most would class as slightly better than budget but I am more interested in focusing on the process of photography.