Zoom Meeting Instructions

Step 1 – Download Zoom App

Zoom applications are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android Devices.

For Windows or MacOS go to zoom.us/download

For iOS you can search for Zoom in the Apple AppStore or click here.

For Android you can search for Zoom in Google Play or click here.

Step 2 – Joining a Zoom Meeting

We will include the link, Meeting ID and Passcode for each meeting in the MailChimp email prior to each meeting. The meeting information will change for every meeting. Please do not share the meeting information with others. If you have not received it please check your junk email or send an email to [email protected] prior to the start of the meeting. Within the MailChimp it will have information similar to the below. Within the email click the highlighted link.

This will launch your browser and you may receive a popup similar to the one in the image and click Open Zoom Meetings

You may get a prompt to enter your name. Please enter your first and last name so we can properly identify each participant, if we see someone that is not a member or a registered guest we may remove your from the meeting. Once you have entered your name click Join Meeting

In order to hear the presentation you will need to either join with your computer audio or dial into the meeting via phone, when dialing in you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID, Passcode, and Participant ID.

*Note that dialing is NOT toll free so you may encountered long distance or other charges from your phone carrier. GRIPS will not be responsible for any incurred costs by members that dial in.

Step 3 – In the Zoom Meeting

At 7:30PM the host will forcibly mute all particpants and will unmute those who are speaking and attendees will not be able to unmute themselves. This is being done as in large meetings there can often be background noise, static, which can be distracting to the presenter and other attendees. If you have a question you can post it in the chat or Raise Your Hand. All participants will have the option join video by clicking Start Video but this is not required and those who do choose to do this be aware that all participants will be able to see you and your surroundings and if required we may remotely disable your video.

Within the chat you will only be able to send a message publicly so everyone will be able to read it. . In the lower right hand corner you will see “Raise Hand” which will notify the Host and Presenter that you wish to ask a question. We will hold all questions until the end of the presentation and if your hand is raised you will be unmuted and allowed to pose your question. Once the question has been answered you will be muted once again to allow the next person to speak. 

Once you Raise Your Hand you will see a hand beside your name in the chat and at the bottom you can Lower Hand if you no longer wish to ask a question.

If you encounter audio issues during the meeting you can click the up arrow “^”next to where is says Unmute and you can change your audio settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t hear anything after joining the meeting

Make sure the audio on your computer, tablet, or phone is not muted. When prompted to join the meeting with Computer Audio you have the option to Test yourr speaker and microphone. During the meeting you can change your audio settings or test it by clicking the up arrow besides the microphone in the lower left hand corner. Often times leaving the meeting and rejoining can workaround issues.

We will not be able to troubleshoot issues during a meeting. If you have issues and would like assitance you can contact [email protected] and they can try to work with you after the meeting. 

Asking a question

When given the opportunity to ask a question please start by saying your name so we know who is speaking. Please try to limit your question to one specific question and a followup, if required. If you have multiple questions please ask one question and then you can Raise Your Hand again to ask your next question.