Working with Lightroom Classic – Intermediate – Bill Hall

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Prerequisite: “Working with Lightroom Classic Introduction Workshop” or a sound knowledge of Lightroom Classic’s modules and tools.

This workshop will take a more in-depth look at the features of Lightroom Classic. Participants will learn tips for managing their images such as Stacking, Smart Previews, short-cut keys and tips on using Collections. In the Develop module we will go beyond basic adjustments covering topics such as perspective correction, colour & monochrome, Panorama & HDR, creating your own presets and using an outside editor. And finally, we’ll look at outputting, including watermarking, slideshows and printing.

The lessons and exercises are designed to expand the participants’ knowledge of Lightroom Classic’s many features allowing them to work more efficiently and preform more complex image enhancement.

Participants must have a working version of Lightroom Classic loaded on their laptop. Practice images will be supplied by the instructor.


About the speaker

Kitchener photographer Bill Hall has been an avid photographer for over 45 years. He started working with digital images around 1996 and bought his first digital camera in 1998.

Bill’s photographic interests are diversified. He loves to travel and share those adventures with others both through his photography and as a photo tour host.

Bill spent several years developing and teaching technical training courses in the aviation industry and has transferred this experience to his photography by offering workshops and seminars on various photographic subjects.

As part of his image processing workflow, Bill has been using Adobe Photoshop since 1996 and Lightroom since shortly after it was introduced in 2007.

Bill has been active in several camera clubs over the years. He is the CAPA District Representative for Southwestern Ontario and a CAPA certified judge.


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