An African Safari – Tom Jenks

Anticipation, Experience, Reflection

Most photographers would love the chance to go on an African safari. If you are fortunate enough to have this opportunity someday, try not only to enjoy the actual safari experience but also relish the anticipation beforehand and the hours of self-satisfaction and joy that are yours for the taking when you reflect back on your trip. Of course, the photos you bring home will be a big part of that reflection process, and the better the quality of your photos, the more enjoyment you might realize. Planning plays a big role, not only in the quality of your photos but also in the quality of your safari experience.

In 2018 Tom and Ellie Jenks traveled to Botswana and Namibia on a wonderful safari to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Join us for an inside look as we share how planning was key to our success in various aspects of our trip, and take a look at the photos we brought back and hear our stories of how we got them.

About the speaker

Tom Jenks is a Canadian wildlife photographer who makes his home in Guelph, Ontario.

After retiring from a career as a social worker, Tom turned his attention to developing his lifelong interest in photography. Whether it is shooting songbirds at a backyard birdfeeder or traveling to new places to observe and photograph wild animals, he enjoys learning about wildlife in pursuit of “the next great shot”. Tom’s travels have taken him to many locations in the United States and Canada as well as to Africa, Antarctica, and South Georgia Island. He has presented his pictures in talks to several camera clubs as well as various community groups.

His wife, Ellie, has accompanied him on two of his trips to Botswana. While she does not carry a camera, she is an all-important second set of eyes looking to find interesting shots he might be missing.

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