Program – Pet Photography – Jacqueline Gori

Life has taught Jacqueline (AKA Jax), lots and lots of things. From having lived on 3 continents to being wheelchair-bound for 5 years to working with animals and pets. She pours all this experience into her photography.

Jax provides both the outdoor and the exclusive studio experience.

Although Jacqueline’s photographs rival any other professional photographer, she is known to be “the-everyone’s-photographer” pricing her work so that everyone can afford it. She believes that everyone should have photographs of their beloved pets.

Mainly self-taught, she’s won tons of awards including the Canada 150 Award. But Jacqueline believes photography can change people’s lives. That’s why she invests much of her time and her talent to bless those that need help – her first fundraising book raised money for National Service Dogs and can be found on amazon

It was during the writing of her 2nd book that she discovered her life’s purpose. Because of the ever increasing need for mental health service dogs, Jacqueline decided to become the founder of her own charity, Partners with Paws. inc.

Studio Photography and Pets:

All you wanted to know about setup, equipment and technique. 

Why it’s important to know and understand your subject.

Studio vs on-location – What are the benefits?



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