Program – Composing Your Photo – Taku Kumabe

Composing Your Photo

Taku Kumabe is a freelance photographer and art director based in Toronto. His work covers a broad range of genres including festivals

and events, environmental portraits, travel, nature, landscape, and art direction in the print industry.

Taku’s photography has been published in numerous magazines including en Route, Lifestyles Magazine, Canadian Geographic and has been featured in various media outlets including the Toronto Star, CBC Radio, The Guardian, Huntington Post Canada, Toronto Life, Blog TO. Taku is a proud ambassador for Nikon Canada, FusionTLC, and f-stop. His love for capturing the beauty of Mother Nature has him outdoors any chance he gets.

Through his nature and landscape photography Taku hopes to inspire others to explore their own neighborhoods and environment. Taku’s keen eye for detail and design often influences his style in creative photography and composition which will inspire you to look at every day things in a different way.

Join Nikon Ambassador Taku Kumabe on this inspiring talk on how to compose for more impactful imagery. He will share his thoughts on how you can take regular snap shots to something more meaningful with compositional tips that you can incorporate the next time you go out.

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