Photoshop Basics – Tracy Sanderson

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Learn how to navigate the interface and get familiar with the basic tools.

We will explore the vast amount of resources and drop-down menus that you need to edit your images. We will also go through the different methods for making selections and masks. Learn the main techniques for cutting out elements, focusing on the Wand, and more advanced tools like the Pen.

An accurate mask is a key to playing around with your image later on.

We will cover what you need to know about image sizing and manipulation.

You will also learn to scale, skew, and distort your images with a range of tools.

* Introduction to the artboard
* Introduction to tools
* Introduction to layers
* Selecting and Masking
* Cutting and pasting
* Adjustment Layers
* Retouching
* Content-Aware Fill


About the speaker

Tracy is a lifetime resident of Kitchener-Waterloo. She graduated from a 3-year diploma program at Conestoga College in both photography and graphic design. She uses Photoshop for both her work and her personal photos.


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