Photoshop and Camera Raw – Linda Wiesner

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This workshop will cover some shortcuts and tricks to speed up the editing process from camera raw to Photoshop. It will include writing presets and actions; as well as, using ‘xmp’ files from other sources to similarly edit raw images. Also discussed will be the use of Lightroom Classic versus Camera Raw/Photoshop software while touching on the pros and cons of each. Why shoot Camera Raw when a jpg doesn’t require so much processing? It can take a long-time to get your images out to share if you shoot RAW but Linda has learned a few tricks that will make it an easier task and speed up the editing process.

About the speaker

Linda is a long-time member and treasurer of the Mississauga Camera Club. She is known best as an equine photographer but enjoys all kinds of photography. In 2007, she started with a DSLR and taught herself mostly through practice, YouTube, and lots of workshops. While she is an accountant by day, she enjoys a side gig in photography. Combining her passion for horses with photography has been very fulfilling for her. Linda’s future plans include leading workshops and photo tours in Portugal where the horses are just so very stunning!

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  1. Jean Weller says:

    is this workshop going to run?? I have registered but have not had a reply.
    I am trying to plan my weekend.

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