Outing – Milky Way Photography

Join us for a night of astrophotography on a warm early summer night! We’ll be photographing the Milky Way, star trails, and if we’re lucky, even catch a glimpse of a galaxy or two!

The outing will be held on Friday July 5, weather permitting. The backup dates will be July 6, 12 and 13. The exact date and location will be communicated a day or two ahead based on the weather forecast. (Sign up if you’re interested even if you’re only available on one of two of these dates – the first clear night may just happen to be the night when you’re available.)

Expect 1-1.5 hours drive from Kitchener Waterloo where we’ll find darker sky.

We’ll meet around 9 pm and expect to shoot till around midnight (or later if you wish).

Bring a wide angle lens for Milky Way, a telephoto lens for galaxies, and anything in between for star trails. A sturdy tripod is a must. If you plan on doing star trails (which can take a long time), bring extra camera batteries, and consider getting a USB-powered dew heater strip to prevent dew formation on your lens.

Jonathan Sau will be providing hands-on help for any member new to astrophotography.

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