Macro Focus Stacking – Tina Dorrans

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During this workshop, we will explore all the elements to making sharp images from front to back for close-up subjects using a technique called Focus Stacking. There will be instruction plus equipment demonstrations using a focus rail plus an automated focus rail. We will also review doing this hand-held. You will have time to practice the technique. We will follow-up with using software to stack into a final image. I will show how to use Zerene Stacker to combine the images and make touch-ups to fix some common problems that come with stacking images.

Required skills you need to take the workshop:
* How to use your camera in manual exposure and manual focus.
* Know how to use your close-up lens setup.

What is required to bring:
* Camera
* Lens with close-up capabilities (macro lens, lens with extension tubes, magnification filters, etc.)

What is suggested to bring:
* Tripod
* Focus Rail. (I will have a few available to share)
* Remote trigger
* Laptop with Zerene Stacker installed (there is a free 30-day trial version available)
* Method for getting your images from camera to your laptop.


About the speaker

Tina is active in the photography community of Waterloo Region, and member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). Her images have received awards and been featured in publications and exhibits. Tina enjoys many areas of photography, but ultimately, a macro lens always finds its way onto her camera as she closely explores lines, textures and colour revealing the essence of her subject. Flowers are her passion as she captures their beauty, making images showcasing intimate details and expressive abstracts of flowers. She often finds herself absorbed in the macro world, exploring and discovering, with the goal to experience and see something she couldn’t before.


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  1. Heather Beckley says:

    I would like to register for this workshop. Thank you.

  2. Jonathan Sau Jonathan Sau says:

    Hi Heather, welcome to GRIPS! Registration for this workshop will be open closer to the event date. Announcements will be made on email, our Facebook group, and at the meetings.

  3. Douglas Dewell says:

    Hello. Where do I get zerene stacker app. Can’t find it on google play store

    • Jonathan Sau Jonathan Sau says:

      Hi Douglas, the app is available on desktop only and not on mobile platform.

      Additional info from Tina Dorrans, the workshop speaker:

      “There are many options for stacking multiple images into one final image – Zerene, Photoshop and Helicon being the most used. Stacking, especially with large number of image files is processor intensive. All the applications work very much the same.

      “The most time in the workshop will be working on how to get all the images needed for a successful stack – the software used to do the stacking comes down to personal preference. I will be showing and using Zerene because that is the application I use and we will not have time to use all the different software options.”

      Hope that answers your question.


  4. Douglas Dewell says:

    Thank you. Yes.

  5. I would like to register for the workshop
    Thanks Greg Belland

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