iPhone Photography – Jorj Takacs

Learn how to:

  • Release the shutter 4 ways
  • Change and lock exposure
  • Adjust exposure prior to shoot
  • Lock focus to get sharp images
  • Get blurred waterfalls
  • Use a tripod for your camera
  • Modify your images in camera
  • Add type to your images
  • Get 4×6 prints in seconds
  • Control your composition
  • Take closeup photos
  • Upload images to PC or Mac
  • And, much more!

About the speaker

Jorj Takacs is a Professional Commercial Photographer and Instructor with over 40 years of experience. Jorj’s passion for photography led him to attend Sheridan College where he studied Commercial Photography and later, he completed certificate programs at the Winona School for Professional Photographers in Chicago.

2 Responses

  1. Joyce Brant says:

    Will this also be presented on line at this time?

  2. Jonathan Sau Jonathan Sau says:

    Hi Joyce, the board is actively looking into running the program nights in a hybrid fashion, so members can choose to either join in person or on Zoom. It won’t be ready for this meeting, but we’re working hard on sorting out all the technology pieces.


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