Insight to Judging – Jason Gennings

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This clinic is not a course in how to become a CAPA judge, but meant to provide awareness for competitors. Guest presenter Jason Gennings will examine a selection of club images with in-depth analysis about the judging process. These hours are designed to deliver constructive insight into the images, and the mental process used by judges; Emphasis is on helpful improvement, not just criticism. While more art than science, judging considers the category, technical aspects, composition, refinement and image craft. Has the perceived purpose of the image been fulfilled? This lecture-style clinic will examine photos, provide rough scores, and offer the detailed improvement options not allowed at formal judging.

In formal competitions judges often wish they could say more, and competitors want more insight – this is the chance for both!

Audience should bring thick skins, an open mind and a desire to take their photography to the next level.
Questions and disagreements are allowed and even expected. If we always agreed, there would be no need for judges!

About images submitted before the clinic:
Please do not submit images that may be used in any competitions in the year to come.

About the speaker

Formerly a photojournalist and college instructor, Jason Gennings of Lightworks Photography has enjoyed guest speaking for over 17 years. Jason is not a CAPA certified judge, but has been a frequent judge at various levels of competitions. He enjoys judging fairs, Skills Canada and club competitions because of the inspirational work often presented.

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  1. Is this workshop still happening? If yes to whom do we submit images?

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