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Taking a photo is just the beginning.

In this workshop we’ll step through a series of short exercises that will unlock Photoshop and open the door to new possibilities.

Armed with your collection of images, we’ll combine ideas, enhance colours, overlay textures and reflect on powerful visuals.

By the end of the workshop we’ll have explored layers, adjustment layers, blending modes, layer masks and a variety of manipulation and transformation tools.

Please bring a few photos, your imagination and a willingness to explore and discover new possibilities.


About the speaker

Jason Panda is an Artist and Art Educator living and creating in the Waterloo Region.

His professional arts background includes work in illustration, sculpture, photography and graphic design with a recent focus on mixed media, tessellations and the exploration of collaboration, connections and the synergy of pieces and people coming together.

As an Art Educator he has led the development of curriculum and programming for a variety of communities and, over the last several years, has enjoyed working with learners (of all ages) developing and supporting in and out of the classroom.

Past projects and connections include collaborations and community art projects with a variety of organizations including WPL, KPL, Grand River Hospital, City of Kitchener, KWAG, THE MUSEUM and more.


Workshop Registration

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  1. I would like to register for this workshop .Thank You
    Greg Belland

  2. Jennifer Leat says:

    Do I need to sign up for this workshop, and if so, how? I would like to attend.

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