Canadian Park Blogger – Malis Butcher

Marlis in Qausuittuq National Park

In 2016 Marlis was one of the first persons to visit Canada’s newest national park at the time, Qausuittuq, in Nunavut. Exploring Qausuittuq National Park is a slide show version of chapter 5 of her book Park Bagger, taking her audience on a virtual voyage into the High Arctic. Through unique photographs and engaging story-telling, Marlis shares what it’s like to travel to Canada’s true north, and to explore this extremely remote park – and meet its endangered inhabitants.

About the speaker

Marlis Butcher is an environmental conservationist, author, and photographer. She is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and of The Explorers Club, an international organization promoting field exploration. Marlis sits on the board of the Royal Botanical Gardens, and has served on the board of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, protecting the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

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