Architecture Photography – Brandon Marsh

This presentation will focus on everything you need to know when it comes to twilight images of places. We will cover pre-production which is the key component to success in this style of shooting. You will learn how to plan for the best shoot time at that location and scout as much as possible from the comfort of your home. We will cover the logistics of working on-location, tools of the trade, and how you can use your time wisely. Twilight is a brief period to capture epic images so the key is planning! Then we will go through the final piece of the puzzle, retouching your images to maintain a balance of light, and clarity, and how you can add objects or remove objects to create dramatic images.

About the speaker

Brandon first took hold of the camera while hiking some beautiful areas of his hometown of Guelph, Ontario. Over the past six years, he has professionally photographed a wide variety of subject matter from concerts, events, movie covers, products, places, and people. This experience taught him extensive lighting and post-processing techniques which allows him to work with confidence in any environment.

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