A little history:
The Eggbert Competition, as it’s known today, is a revival of a competition between Brantford and the former Galt Camera Club, which later became the Cambridge Camera Club. Eggbert, the eggheaded trophy, affectionately referred to as “Eggy”, was dusted off in 2006 and returned to his lofty position as the grand prize for the friendly rivalry between the Brant Camera Club and GRIPS. Each club takes turns organizing and hosting the event on alternating years.

30 digital photos from each club will be scored by 3 judges and the highest scoring club will have the honour of taking Eggy home, and bragging rights until next year.

In 2016-2017, GRIPS hosted the Eggbert competition and Brant successfully defended their win from 2015-2016. Brant will be hosting the competitions in 2017-2018 so stay tuned for more information about dates and location.

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