2019-2020 Competition Results

In-Club Competition Results

Year-End Awards

Year-End Winners’ Gallery

  • Top Photographer, Creative: Dana Wamsley
  • Top Photographer, Nature: John Chapman
  • Top Photographer, Open: John Chapman
  • The Joyce Brant Theme Award: Jonathan Sau
  • Top Photographer, Novice: Dana Wamsley
  • Top Photographer, Intermediate: Katherine Waybrant
  • Photographer of the Year: Lynn Fulton

Promotions – Novice to Intermediate

  • Peter Bon
  • John Chapman
  • Dan MacLean
  • Beverly Olmstead
  • Teresa Osborne
  • Deborah Valentine
  • Randy Valentine
  • Teresa Walker
  • Dana Wamsley
  • Nora Znotinas

Promotions – Intermediate to Advanced

  • Katherine Waybrant

Star Awards (Advanced Level)

  • Lynn Fulton
  • Gail Newland
  • Jonathan Sau
  • Julie Seiler
  • Katherine Waybrant

Inter-Club Competition Results

Eggbert – 2nd place

Liwa Desert Sundown, by John Chapman, 2nd highest-scoring image

CAPA Canada: My Country – 7th place

Sit-Skiing is Believing, by Katherine Waybrant, 3rd place tied, Diversity category

CAPA Monochrome – 11th place
CAPA Creative – 12th place
CAPA Open – 1st place and Gold Medal

A Pine Marten Moment, by Katherine Waybrant, 3rd Merit, Animal category

Beneath the Northern Sky, by Lynn Fulton, 2nd Merit, Landscape category

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, by Karen von Knobloch, 1st Merit, Close-up category

CAPA Fine Art – 2nd place and Silver Medal

Little Girl – Big Dreams, by Dana Wamsley, 2nd Merit

Grand Valley Image Battle – 1st place

Pine Marten, by Katherine Waybrant, 3rd place tied

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, by Karen von Knobloch, 2nd place tied

CAPA Nature – 30th place
CAPA Curves and Lines – 22nd place

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