Last Approved: June 12, 2017


Article I - Name

The name of the organization shall be Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society, referred to in this document as GRIPS

Article II - Objectives

The objectives of the organization shall be to promote the use and knowledge of photography by
a) Creating formal and informal learning opportunities for the membership.
b) Providing relevant materials and resources for learning
c) Promoting the interests of photographers and those interested in photography by bringing them together to help each other to produce better pictures and images, to promote lectures and demonstrations on all phases of photography and digital imaging. We wish to promote exhibitions,
competitions between club members and other clubs, and in general,through the work and conduct of its membership, to continuously endeavor to raise the standard of photographic excellence in the Tri cities and surrounding area.

Article III - Membership

All persons interested in photography are welcome to join the membership of GRIPS upon completion of the GRIPS membership form, payment of relevant dues and the signing of the GRIPS Liability Waiver.

Article IV - Dues and Guest fees

a) Dues – Annual dues may be set, and from time to time changed in amounts decided by the Executive. Current members are given priority for renewal, and spots are held until the end of the first meeting. After the first meeting, membership will be opened to the public and will be filled on a first come/ first served basis until the membership cap of 150 is reached.
b) Guest fees – Guests will pay a $5 fee per meeting, and will be allowed to attend a maximum of two meetings.

Article V - Termination of Membership

Membership may be withdrawn by the executive after due notice/warning has been given for activities deemed to be prejudicial to the club or failure to pay the annual dues as per Article lV.

Article VI - Meetings

a) Meetings – Regular scheduled meetings of the club are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month from the 2nd Monday in September until the 2nd Monday of June the following year.
Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive
b) Quorum
i) Executive – a quorum for doing club business shall b
e 50% plus 1 of the executive committee.
ii) General membership -a quorum for doing club business at a general
meeting shall be 30% of club membership
c) Bi-annual General Meeting (BGM) –a bi-annual general meeting shall be held on or as close as practical to the last meeting in May at which time the general election is held
d) Other – workshops, outings and evaluation groups may be organized
and may fall on days other than regular meetings.

Article VII - Elections

a) Number – No less than seven persons shall be executive members of the organization, these being a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, program director, activities director, membership coordinator and competition chair.
b) Elections – Two months preceding the election, the executive shall appoint a person NOT on the current executive to obtain nominations for positions to the next executive. Nominations for elected officers shall be announced at the first meeting in May. All nominees must be approached and their consent provided prior to the election. Voting shall occur at the BGM at the last meeting in May and all members are to be notified of those running for election the meeting prior to said election. Others may be nominated at the BGM as long as in attendance and consent is given.
Voting shall be by secret ballot. Proxy votes shall be permitted when in writing and signed by the voter. The proxy ballots shall be obtained from
the Elections Chairperson and sent to the Elections Chair and the President. Two members NOT running for election and not present executive members
shall be appointed as scrutinizers by the Elections Chairperson to count the ballots at the BGM.
c) Terms of Office
– an Executive member shall serve a two year term and may be re elected for a 2nd two year term in the same office. If that position is not filled at the BGM, the executive member may continue in said position until a successor has been elected.

Article Vlll - Powers and Duties of Executive members

a) Powers – As the designated supervisors of GRIPS, Executive members shall have control over the policies, operation and affairs of the organization, including
i) Removal of an Executive member, when in it is in the best interest of GRIPS.
ii) Replacing an executive member when/if it becomes necessary between elections
iii) Making recommendations to the membership of GRIPS.
iv) Financial transactions shall be authorized by a quorum of executive.
v) Performing such other duties as are specified here and as required to direct the activities if GRIPS.
vi) An executive member presiding at all club meetings.
b) Duties of Executive Members
i) President – The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of GRIPS. As such, the President shall act as club spokesperson and generally supervise and keep in touch with all club members. He/she may designate an alternate to preside at meetings. Without such designation, the Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President. The President shall be empowered to name committees and subcommittees, subject to the approval of the other Executive members,
as necessary for the proper functioning of GRIPS.
ii) Vice President – The Vice President shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President and other Executive members. In the absence of the President, the vice President shall assume the responsibilities for a period of three months until such time as an election is called to fulfill the position as outlined by the bylaws. There shall be no rule of succession such that the Vice President automatically becomes the next President.
iii) Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of GRIPS. These minutes shall be maintained in the records of GRIPS. The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing official correspondence on behalf of GRIPS and shall be the official keeper of all non-financial GRIPS records and files. At the end of their term, the outgoing Secretary shall deliver all nonfinancial records and files to the successor.
iv) Treasurer – the Treasurer shall receive all funds, deposit and keep them in a financial institution selected and approved by the Executive. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and expended and shall at least twice a year report to the membership on the financial status of GRIPS. Upon request by the President, the Treasurer shall submit records to a committee named by the President for audit. The Treasurer and one member of the executive shall sign cheques. At the end of the Treasurers term, the outgoing Treasurer shall deliver all financial records and monies belonging to GRIPS to the successor.The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining a current roster of members and keep the executive advised of members contact
information. The Treasurer may appoint an alternate from the membership to record all contact information.
v) Program Director – The Program Director shall set up and maintain a yearly program. As an individual effort or as a collaboration with other
executive members and /or committees, the Program Director shall have final responsibility for selection of programs. The Program Director shall be responsible for inviting, hosting and introducing/thanking guest speakers for all regular meetings of GRIPS. He/she may designate other GRIPS members to help with these
duties.The Program Directors responsibilities will be to submit the final program selection to the Executive members.
vi) Activities Director – The Activities Director shall obtain suggestions from GRIPS members on desired outings and consult with the Program director to support GRIPS programs, competitions, themes etc. The Activities Director shall investigate and organize those outings requested to the best of their ability and shall distribute sign up sheets for planned activities. They shall notify and send out reminders to group members with the activity particulars re: location, time, carpooling etc. The Activities Director shall obtain required permits where applicable.
vii) Competition Chairperson – The Competition Chairperson shall be responsible for all club slide, digital and print competitions. The Competition Chairperson will organize dates for submissions, set themes for competitions, organize judging sessions, collect entries and maintain records. The Competition
Chairperson shall arrange for judges, purchase gifts, maintain records and organize presentation to the membership. A summary of the judges comments as well as standings will be given to the Secretary for inclusion in the News letter. Preparation of the awards is the responsibility of the Competition Chairperson.
(viii) Member at large – The Member at large shall be responsible for other duties as may be required from time to time.
(ix) Membership Coordinator – the Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all members contact information. This information will be shared with all other members who have signed their membership application and liability waiver accordingly.

Article IX - Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions shall be created as deemed necessary and will report to the Program Director.
a) Webmaster – The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining any website that shall be created for GRIPS. They shall inform the Executive of any financial charges incurred, if any, for costs of running website and receipts supplied for said charges. Any significant creative changes to the operating website shall be discussed with the club Executive.
b) Publicist – the Publicist shall be responsible for promotion and publicity for the club as directed by the Executive.
c) Editor – the Editor shall be responsible for producing, maintaining and distributing monthly or quarterly newsletters as deemed by the Executive.

Article X - Amendments

Article X) Amendments
a) Definition – An Amendment to the Bylaws is defined as a substantive change that would affect the operation of GRIPS.
b) Process – A proposed amendment to these Bylaws may be initiated by petition of five (5) or more members to any Executive member.
c) Notice and Vote – A proposed amendment must be communicated to the membership, in writing or email, one month prior to the vote at a
regular meeting.
An amendment shall be accepted by a two thirds vote of the members in attendance.

These bylaws were adopted on the 5th day of September 2007.
An amendment to the constitution was presented to and accepted by the
general membership in attendance, according to the present bylaws, on
15th day of December 2008.
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