Wade Henderson

Membership Chair

When I went on a school trip to visit the HMCS Haida warship back in the late ’60’s, I borrowed my mom’s 110 cartridge film camera. When I had those picture developed, I was hooked.

That Christmas, I received the Kodak Instamatic 126 camera that I asked for and I became the family event photographer.

When I finished high school, I enrolled in the Creative Cinematography program at Humber College, where, as a requirement of the Photography class portion, I had to purchase a SLR camera. I chose a Pentax SP1000 and upgraded to a K1000 after 2 years.

I still have that K1000 as well as a massive bin of photographs and negatives. Since Pentax never changed their mount system, I stuck with them when I entered the digital era.

I started with a K7, which I have passed on to my sister. I now have a K5 and a K1 (Full Frame). I think I can be classified as a serious gear-head, because I have acquired many lenses, tripods, flash units, and other equipment for the various types of photography I am interested in.

My primary interest is nature, but I love architecture, travel, and as always, candid shots at family events.

I am now starting to get into macro and night sky photography. Oh boy, more gear!

I have been a member since January 2017, and have gone from shooting in auto mode/jpeg format, to raw+jpeg, and now to raw only and using all the camera settings. I have learned so much from so many members that I have finally begun to enter competitions, mostly to learn even more. Thanks for everyone’s guidance over these years and I look forward to many more years of learning.